I’m always creating!

 As a kid, I loved to make up stories and tell them with lots of handmade props to go along. To this day, some of my favorite books remain those that involve magic wands and genies with three wishes – basically the ability to instantly manifest whatever your heart desires.

For me, creating art is like that. When I face a blank page, an empty canvas, or even a space that cries out for that perfect ‘something’, the sparks start flying. I’m compelled to create. I love letting the materials and colors choose me. Listening to that small inner voice that seems to know better than I do when to add an extra detail, or take away an element.

I’m inspired by conversations, events unfolding around me, and yes, even the things I read. Practically everything inspiration of one kind or another. My art takes its own path, from abstract concepts like ‘chaos’ or ‘connection’ to the everyday with a twist – what WOULD a cake made of money look like?

This unending stream of ideas was the backbone of my long career in advertising, and something that still comes in handy with my consulting clients. Taking the huge (and sometimes overwhelming) piles of ‘straw’ that life hands us, and helping them discover how to spin it into gold is something that’s part and parcel of who I am.

Enjoy the Studio and then get in touch. Who knows what creativity our chat might inspire!