I really love to learn new things, and as I’ve been touring colleges with my rising senior son, I’ve thought more than once ‘Gee, wouldn’t it be fun to go back to school!’ Well, while I’m not about to enroll on campus full time again (been there and definitely done that!) I have decided that it’s time to follow my nose and sign up for a class now and then. If it sounds like fun, if it piques my interest, if it’s just something I’ve ‘always wanted to do’… I’m doing it!

It started with my Éclair Afternoon cooking class at La Cuisine Paris on my birthday trip. Jane Bertch, you’ve created a culinary incubator that brings out the chef in all of us! Then a couple of weeks ago, I learned how to max out LinkedIn in 10 Minutes A Day, part of the Small Business U program one of the Chambers of Commerce. Thanks, Desiree Scales of Bella Web for an way to manage the medium! And last night, the perfectly titled: How to Get Paid to Travel the World. Jennifer Bradley Franklin, what can I say? You’ve given me the inspiration –and some practical tips – to support my travel habit by translating my experiences into story!

Next up? I’ll be turning one person’s ‘trash’ into my new treasure at Shanna Grove’s Rethunk Junk hands-on workshop at The Kipling House (and if you don’t know about this easy breezy way to one-step furniture refinishing, you need to join us!)

They say that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Well, world, here I am…raring to go and ready to learn, notebook in hand. Because… This Is What 60 Looks Like.