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There’s always work in process – inspired by a chance encounter with a dragonfly, a favorite line in a book, or even a current event that’s demanding our attention. From large scale mixed media pieces to the perfect small gift of art, I’m always creating. Please stop in often.

Here’s the latest from the Studio Blog

A Vintage Occasion

Wendy and Charley Corbett were excited their friends Anne and William were getting married, so to celebrate the occasion, they planned a ‘Stock the Cellar’ Shower. Always the consummate hostess, Wendy wanted the perfect gift and had a special message to share. “The...

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Food and money!

You never know where inspiration will strike, so I always try to pay attention! Lately, for a lot of reasons, I realized the two things that seemed to be taking up a LOT of my brain space were FOOD and MONEY. LOL Weird, maybe but there you have it. I took that rather...

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Home Decor

There's nothing like creating a memorable space than artful decor! In this case, this pair of seaside themed pillows was created for a gal who always has the beach on her mind. I took my Sea Princess and Sand Castle designs, and created custom pillows which have hand...

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