And his name is Diego Rodriguez!

I met a young friend at my neighborhood Starbucks for coffee this morning. (Me at Starbucks? I know that surprises you… NOT!) She’s headed to NYC for a new life and career just after Thanksgiving and it was our chance to catch up and connect before she leaves. It was a lovely time, and we hated to end just before noon, but we each had other commitments in our busy day.

I took off for a full round of to do’s around town, from picking up my copies of our new collaborative coloring book – Coloring In Style – to returning some frames for artwork that hadn’t quite passed muster. After heading back to the Studio late afternoon, I returned calls and checked messages on my phone till almost 5:30.

Then I reached for my laptop. It was not by my desk. Nor on the credenza by the door. “I must have left it in the car,” I thought. I often do, as its black cushy case blends in seamlessly with the black floor carpet of my car. Nope! Not there. Well, I guess you see where this is going.

My blood pressure shot sky high as I contemplated the loss of my ‘external’ brain. All the art. The files! All the photos! The copy. The letters. The emails. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I threw on a coat and tore out of the house like the hounds of Hell were after me (because I knew Hades was what my life would be like if I had to reconstruct and reconfigure a new MacBookPro right at the holiday rush!)

I almost screeched into a parking spot by the store, rushed in, and breathlessly asked the young guy behind the counter if anyone had found my black case. I swear there was a small twinkle in his eye as he turned, rounded the corner and came back with it in his hands.
“I thought it might be important when I saw it sitting on the floor beside the chair,” he offered. I assured him MULTIPLE TIMES that he had SAVED MY LIFE!

With an overflowing heart of gratitude, I reached into my wallet (which had been replenished for the holiday by a trip to the ATM) and grabbed a $50 bill. “Just something to say ‘thank you so MUCH!’” I spilled out! He smiled.

And then he did an even MORE amazing thing. He took the bill without even looking at it, and put it not into his pocket, but straight into the tip jar. The TIP JAR! For all the staff to share!

There is TRUE GOOD in the world, even today, my friends. Guardian angels are everywhere. Today, mine was named Diego Rodriguez, and he wore a golf shirt with that ubiquitous green logo.

Yes, I’ll be writing to his Regional Manager AND to Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz to praise the outstanding actions of their employee who took the time to care. But since I just walked back in the door, I thought I’d jump on my newly recovered laptop and tell you FIRST!

SHARE the love, people.