UPDATE: While I began my 10 Minute Workouts before Thanksgiving, I have to admit, family, fun and celebrations have upset my schedule. But not to worry! As I approach the New Year, it’s easy to pick up where I left off and get right back on track! Many thanks to Katy Gillis and my online group. Let’s get back to work, girls! Maybe you’d like to join us? email me and I’ll tell you how!

ORIGINAL POST: I have the best intentions. The very best. My gym membership dues are dutifully paid each month. I print off the class schedule, pack my gym bag, throw it in the car, put it on my schedule… and then… life intervenes.  A rush deadline crops up at the office. The cell buzzes with a text: “Mom, there’s a ceremony at school tonight!” or “Honey, I’m still in court. Can you please….”

Well, you know what they say about the road to you-know-where being paved with ‘good intentions’, don’t you? I guess you might say that, while not exactly banished to the Netherworld, I do feel pretty low when that few extra pounds have crept on and threaten to jiggle alarmingly. When I look in the mirror and see a little too much ‘tummy’ and not enough ‘taut.’ You know what I mean, right? That’s why, when I got my friend and fitness guru Katy Gillis’ email last week, I sat up straight and took notice.

“How to get through the holidays without gaining even one sticky pound!” called out her subject line. Okay, Katy, you had me at ‘holidays.’ I love the holidays, but not gaining ANY weight while enjoying them? Was that even possible? And when she explained it was not only possible, but simple, easy and would only take 10 minutes a day – just 5 days a week… I was SOLD! Even I could fit in 10 minutes a day, in the privacy of my own home, any time of the day (or night). Sign me up, Katy!

So I started on Monday. Five days ago. So far I have worked out (a) after getting up in the morning, (b) in the middle of the day, and even once on my busiest day (c) at 9:30 at night. Moving my body and doing something for ME felt good, and I got so fired up I even added a one-mile power walk each day. Granted, it was indoors where it was nice and warm, of course, working out to my Leslie Sansone walking DVD. But hey, moving is moving, right?

I’M DOING IT!  One week under my belt! And although I will admit to being a bit sore from working those under-exercised glutes. I’m thrilled, and more than a little bit proud of myself for starting NOW, before Turkey Day, Christmas Cookie swaps, and all the tasty treats of the season come tempting.

I’m optimistic and I’m committed! Maybe I’ve found something I can stick with that will get me in shape – and keep me there – in that spare 10 to 30 minutes I’d otherwise be on Facebook, sitting in front of the TV, or even worse, bemoaning my out of shape self!

Stay tuned. I’ll let you know how it goes. And who knows? Maybe you’ll find 10 minutes a day to join me. What do you say?