UPDATE! Now that the Election’s over – can you believe it’s already been a week ago? – we are hearing more and more about the impact that WOMEN’s VOTES had!!! A record number of women will be serving in the upcoming Congress, and women raised their voices loud and clear over issues that were important to them.

I’m so proud of all of you, and have only two words to say:



When I heard that LESS THAN HALF the women in the US voted in 2010, it really woke me up! It wasn’t even 100 years ago that women finally got the RIGHT to vote and yet over half of us are wasting it. To me that’s shocking, and just downright sad.

GET MORE WOMEN VOTING! I know that by talking to our friends and communities, we can make a huge difference! And when I told my friends what I was doing, they jumped in with me and started to help. I call them the ‘Mothers of the Movement!’

COME JOIN US! We are always non-partisan, completely non-profit and ALL volunteer. Just women-to-women who believe that our vote is our voice. Let’s increase our numbers at the polls this November. Whether you’re right, left, in the middle or on the outside, use your right to VOTE!