I love people. Truly love them. I’m having my best times when I’m with people. Meeting new people, hearing their stories, finding common ground, sharing ideas. This is how new friendships come blossom.

My teenager seems amazed at this. “My mom can make friends with anybody, even standing in line at the store,” he told a buddy recently. And I had to laugh, because it’s true! But you know why? It’s because I love to connect with people. Every encounter is a chance to make a new friend, share an idea, discover a common interest. I have met the most amazing women through chance encounters, just by striking up a conversation.

Connecting. For me, it’s what life’s about. How about you? When was the last time you went to a business or even social event and came back with a few (or a stack) of business cards from people you met.  What happens next? Will you follow up with them?  Send a note saying how happy you are to have crossed paths? Did you promise to call? Was there some common interest that will keep you in contact? Or are you just adding them to your ‘collection’? You know, that ever-growing stack of business cards you swapped but never got around to doing anything with?

Maybe it’s time to pull them out and take some action. Time to stop collecting and start connecting. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a soul sister, maybe not. But at the very least, you’ll be getting outside your box and connecting with new energy. And that can be the most powerful thing of all.

Remember. Nothing ‘works’ until you plug it in. Enjoy connecting!