Last entry: May 31 2014

That’s right. My shame is public. The last entry showing on my blog is May 31 2014. And even that was a re-tread. So I guess it’s time you knew the truth.

When I began blogging as Multi-TaskingWoman, I was busy. Being a wife, a mom, a board member, a business owner, an artist, and a volunteer. Well, I thought I was busy but I really had no idea what busy was until 2014 came rushing in with a vengeance

Let’s recap:

  • We bought the house next door, renovated it and then moved my 90-year-old FIL down from his home of 42 years.
  • My one and only son applied to and finally made his selection among college acceptances and graduated with high honors from high school
  • The whole family returned to Granddad’s to sort thru a hundred years of collected family history, close up the house and put it on the market.
  • I found out I needed heart surgery. Yep, heart.
  • Geared up, packed up and moved in previously mentioned son to his college dorm accompanied by a teary good bye (mine) and bursts of excitement at new found freedom (his)
  • Had heart valve repair surgery, fell madly in love with surgeon and his robotic companion – for medical prowess only! – and rapidly recovered (although my husband and I are both his greatest and most grateful fans)
  • Found out one week before Christmas that same beloved husband needed lung surgery to remove a pesky leftover from a bout with cancer 7 years ago
  • Through it all, maintained an highly active presence on social media, Facebooking, Tweeting my feathers off and emailing my fingers to the bone.

So here I am. It’s a new year (thank God!) and my good friends Becky Berry and Seth Godin (well, I only actually KNOW Becky; I just feel like I know Seth!) have placed a kindly foot in my slightly too voluptuous derriere to get me writing again. It’s called: Getting Unstuck. A one week challenge. 7 Posts in 7 Days.

This is # 1 and it’s just 38 minutes late.

I promise to do better.