You know there’s nothing like a Georgia peach (she said, having been born and raised in Atlanta…LOL) but really! Summer brings these richly sweet, yellow-orange orbs with their soft brush of fuzz to perfection. To have a taste of sunshine on cold winter days, I always freeze some. (Super easy and quick to do.)

But a year or two ago, I ventured into the world of chutneys to see what I might come up with. I love the collaborative cookbook by Scott Peacock and Edna Lewis, so I started my search there. Taking their classic apple chutney receipt (an old Southern term) I adapted and tweaked to arrive at what’s now become my own Peach Chutney. A few crushed red pepper flakes, a whole lot of grated fresh ginger, and just to add some color… a handful of dried cranberries. Yum….

I finished this batch, sealed it into the jars, and now they’re ready. For grilled chicken, pork tenderloin. Heck, even with cream cheese on crackers. A little experimentation never hurts. In my case, it created another summer tradition. And who knows, you might create a new family classic of your own!

Have you created your own twist on a classic? Want to share? We’d love to add your recipe to our repertoire! Let us know.