12Ways_numbers-04You know the truth. YOU are the one who makes Christmas happen. After all, where would Santa be without someone to feed and clothe all those busy little elves, right? To keep them in line, and to organize those thousands of letters into spreadsheets of all the toys that will be needed? You know I’m right!

Well, I know I’m right about this, too. You MUST schedule some time into the holidays just for YOU. Now it can be a simple steaming latte at Starbucks all by yourself. A massager, perhaps, to rub away the stress from those over-burdened shoulders? Or even a daily walk in the neighborhood to admire the Christmas decor.

Just be sure you do it, because I guarantee it will keep you sane, smiling and much more fun to be around. And should anyone question you, just tell them I said it’s an absolute requirement for multi-tasking women tomake the holidays happen!