You never know where inspiration will strike, so I always try to pay attention! Lately, for a lot of reasons, I realized the two things that seemed to be taking up a LOT of my brain space were FOOD and MONEY. LOL Weird, maybe but there you have it.

I took that rather mystifying combo into the Studio to see where it would take me. Tucked away in my bins of goodies was an origami set I’d bought on the sale table at Tuesday Morning. And not just any origami set. This one had faux dollar bills as its chosen paper. Why I bought, I don’t really know. Except that the quirky idea appealed to my sense of humor, and the price had been marked down to practically nothing. In any case, I found myself with lots of funny money and I headed to the blank paper. As I mused over my connection between food and money, my lifelong love of big ol’ multiple layer cakes with lots of decorating and frosting popped into mind.  I grabbed the scissors and started cutting.

As the cake took shape, I knew it needed some ribbons and swirls, and what yummier color than pink to set off the green dollar bills. It made me think of birthday cakes, and frosting roses, and buttercream. I reached for some scraps of silver for accents. And the Money Cake developed its own personality under my pen.

Food and Money. Hmmm, I wondered, what else would I make with my money paper? Pie? Cupcake? My mind was reeling with delicious possibilities.

Watch this space for more. But for now, excuse me. I think I need a slice for myself!