When I told you I’d decided to learn a few new things that were sparking my interest, I knew I’d have fun, but WOW!

I just spent my Sunday afternoon with Shanna Greve and Valerie Phillips at their adorable art and craft cottage The Kipling House. The subject at hand? Rethunk Junk!

You’re probably way ahead of me on this, but I just heard about the chalk paint phenomenon. Imagine simply painting a gorgeous new color over any finished wood, metal – heck, even plastic – without stripping, sanding or any of that ‘wax on wax off’ elbow grease. Really? REALLY!

Well, Shanna and Valerie discovered a fabulous new – and affordable – product called Rethunk Junk by Laura. And the really neat thing… it’s been developed and manufactured right here in our Atlanta backyard by this multi-tasking mother of five and her chemist husband.

Well, I’m one of those gals who’s dragging home a piece with good bones that just needs a little TLC, only to have it sit in the garage gathering dust waiting for me to get around to it. Now I finally have a fun and easy way to give those old picture frames, side tables, bookshelves… you name it… a gorgeous new life!

If your inner crafter is like mine, you’d love to create things that look like Martha but take WAY less time. I can tell you from my experience with this amazing product, you can. Try it yourself in a class at The Kipling House, or take a look at Laura’s Rethunk Junk site right now. You’ll be inspired before you know it!


As one of my fellow classmates said, ‘Now nothing in my house is safe! I’ll be painting EVERYTHING!’ The first thing on my list? That dresser in the guest room that needs something to take it from frumpy to fabulous! Just wait and see.


Have you tried this the chalk painting technique? We’d love to see your before and after! Hope you’ll share with us.