12Ways_numbers-07Here are some words of wisdom from our friend Cindy Edwards. While she’s the guru of all things mannerly at PaulaDeen.com, she wasn’t always picture perfect at the holidays. Maybe we all can learn from her experience adjusting expectations a bit? Hmmm…

“I got married 25 years ago and one of my favorite wedding gifts was Martha Stewart’s first book “Entertaining.”  It was beautiful and inspiring.  I was certain that I could do everything just like Martha, from preparing the huge gingerbread house and cooking the gourmet meals to decorating my home with all the lovely holiday trimmings.  Our apartment was small and my kitchen even smaller.  My husband was in medical school and my job required long days that left little free time for even one of Stewart’s projects. I was disappointed.  It seemed that nothing turned out quite like Stewart’s gorgeous photos.

Fortunately, as the years as passed, I understood my weaknesses and my strengths a little better.  I used organization to make my holidays more enjoyable. So, I scrapped my plans of a made-from-scratch Martha-style gingerbread house and bought a plain house already assembled at the bakery. Then, my boys and I had a blast. We glued on all the decorations with pre-made icing, made a big mess and beamed with pride at our creation.”

Thanks, Cindy! When you make your plans for holiday activities, check in with yourself before you dive in and make sure you’ve accounted for some FUN in the mix!