I admit, I’m a sucker for a crisp white blouse. Very business like, very chic, sometimes even very ‘sexy secretary’ when paired with the perfect pencil skirt. (I’m just sayin’….)

But I realized when examining my closet for 27 things to give away (really? yes, really!) that while I had five white shirts, from button-down to safari-style, I only really ever wear ONE. And why?

Okay, I’ll tell the whole truth and nothing but. It’s the one that I can toss in the washer and dryer, pull it out, hang it up and NEVER, EVER touch it with an iron! Yes, it’s not a figment of my imagination. The perfect white blouse does exist. I know because I discovered it quite by accident one day when trying on jeans at Nordstrom (but those jeans are another story.)

Maybe you’ve heard of the Foxcroft label, but I never had. I just know that when I slipped on the blouse, buttoned it up and tweaked the collar, VOILA! The perfect shirt for jeans or pearls. My new go-to when I want to feel totally pulled together, my crisp but comfortable white shirt.

So the other four? Well, one’s a really comfy boyfriend (make that husband) button down which I’m keeping to wear around the house. But the rest? Giving away to gals who have a closer relationship with their iron – or dry cleaner – than I do.