When I discover something new that really works, I just can’t stop talking about it! Well, that’s why I want you to know about CleverWraps! I found this amazing product when I met Karen McElhaney, one of the inventors, at the Ladies Who Launch inaugural Girls Getaway Weekend – just 10 women selected from around the country and I was invited to be one of the marketing experts.

What wonderful serendipity when I found myself seated next to Karen at dinner that first night. Before I even heard about CleverWraps , she and I were bonding over the fact that her soon-to-graduate son would be attending the University of Georgia Honors Program – my old alma mater!

As we shared our stories and found common connections, as we women always do, I learned that she and her best friend had invented CleverWraps out of the frustration of one too many lost and/or ruined cell phones the kids had taken once too often to the California beaches.

These clever gals invented clear, disposable protective sleeves that shield your cell phone, eReader and Tablet from water, sand, dirt, grease and more! AND, unlike those makeshift zip bags you’ve been using from the kitchen drawer, you still have complete use of your touch screens and audio right through the CleverWrap! Can you believe it?

Check out their site now before you sift the flour, plan to read in the tub… or just plain sit by the pool this summer. You – and your electronic pals – will be glad you did!

Thanks for creating an Effective Idea, Karen!