To tell you the truth, I run hot and cold on infomercials. They do catch my attention occasionally, and have been known to suck me in with their promises of oh-so-flat flat abs (I wish!), super absorbent cloths, and oh yeah, those squishy lightweight garden hoses that take up no room but expand when the water flows through. Cool, right?

But this weekend, as I was folding laundry and flipping channels, I caught one that actually made sense. Have you heard about the new Jockey bra? Okay, okay. I can hear you laughing but here’s what got my attention. The people at Jockey – home of the classic tighty whiteys – have a whole new take on bras and how there sized. They promise a bra that’s the closest thing to custom fit, but at less than half the price! See why I was interested?

I won’t go into the whole half-hour spiel, but here are the highlights. Their new bra sizes are determined by ‘volumetrics’, not just linear measurements. You order a ‘fit kit’ that comes with a set of ‘cups’ of various sizes and shapes. In the privacy of your own home, you choose the cup that best fits your girls – volume wise. Then, using the tape measure they send you in the kit, you get your band size. Once you have both of those, you go to their website, find the bra style and color you like, order in your new size, and they ship right to your door.

Sounds great, right? Well, let’s say I’m intrigued and interested enough to give it a try. The fit kit costs $19.95 but once you order your kit, Jockey gives you a $20 credit to use toward your bra purchase. And if my satisfaction with my almost-custom Jockey bra is GUARANTEED, shipping included, what have I got to lose?

Stay tuned! And if you decide to try it out, too, be sure to let me know how it goes!