12Ways_numbers-06Cindy Edwards tell us it really helps her if she anticipates a bit! We all knew Christmas was coming. so why did we wait till the last minute? (Hear me talking to myself here?)

“I find that if I plan ahead a bit, l feel more relaxed and in control. I’ve learned to keep my lists from every previous year.  I know what I purchased for everyone on my list, which always gives me a starting point for the current year. I review the old lists and create my new list prior to Thanksgiving.

Then, with an organized list and online orders, I can finish my shopping in a couple of days.  This same type of organization helps me with my decorating and other projects during the holidays.”

I hear you, Cindy! I keep a file on my compute for each year that has the gifting list AND the Christmas Card list. I confirm addresses as each card comes in and that helps me stay current with my contact info for everyone! (It also gives me a chance to add to OR slim down the list from time to time when needed.)