I love Mother’s Day. I admit, every Hallmark (and even a few Publix) commercials make me cry. When the little boy hands his mom the heart-made card. Sigh. I think it’s great that we have a day to take time out and honor those who create and shape the next generation. Now my mom isn’t with us ‘in person’ anymore. She died in 1987, but every year at this time – maybe more than ever – she’s in my heart and on my mind. But right along with her in my thoughts are all the very special women who still ‘mother’ me… when times are tough, when there’s something to celebrate, or when I just need a shoulder, an ear and a big hug.

So this year, I’ve decided to make it official! I’m declaring the month of May our time to ‘Mother Each Other’. I’m thinking of gathering of my best friends over a good glass of wine – or a frosty margarita! Just time to celebrate each other and the bonds we share. Now don’t go thinking I’m throwing a big ‘all out, get out the good china party’, here. I’m talking about an impromptu, pick up the phone or dash off an email ‘let’s get together’ gathering. Something that’s easy and keeps the focus on the fun of just being together!

Why don’t you join me? I’ve asked my good friend Patti Corcoran of MakeItMineParties.com to help us out. She’s put together an amazing One Click Party package that gives me everything I need … basically a ‘party to go’. I’m talking gorgeous Lily Pulitzer (among others) cups, plates, napkins… you can even add Chinese lanterns if you want to! Every bit of it, toss (or recycle) when you’re done. No dish washing required! And to make it not only easy but even more affordable, she’s giving us a 10% discount* for the month of May. Just LIKE the new MIMP FaceBook page and it’s yours!

So call your best girls, tell them to pick up a party platter, a deli dish, or a perfect pastry, and head over for some fun. Yes, we have Mother’s Day, but why stop there? Let’s take time to ‘Mother Each Other’ and celebrate the amazing care and friendship we all share! The best part will be the company in the room, the way we laugh until we cry at silly stories, and the way someone is always ready to give a bear hug to whoever needs it. In the grand scheme of things, it is the connection among us that matters more than anything.

If any of you, my  friends and beloved readers throw a ‘Mothering Each Other’ party this month (or any month for that matter), we’d love to see – and maybe even post – a photo or two. Just send them to kyle@multi-taskingwoman.com and I promise to share mine, too.  Stay tuned to this space, because I can feel the seeds for the next gathering of friends-sisters-mothers coming to life, like the flowers blooming in my garden.


* to get the 10% discount off orders of $50 or more, LIKE MakeItMineParties NEW Facebook page, and use coupon code: MIMPFB10 when you place your order on their site. Offer good till 05.31.12.