It happened again. I headed out of the office, arms loaded with stuff to carry to the car, when I saw it!   THE NOTE!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked out at the end of the day only to arrive at home (or at least at the car!) to discover I’d left my jacket/coat/whatever piece of outerwear I had on that day, hanging on the back of my office door. I’d have to trek back inside and up the stairs to retrieve it… or it would just have to wait till the next day.

NO MORE! I finally realized that I could solve my problem with a sticky note and a piece of Scotch tape.  Yes, in bold black Sharpie the note says COAT, with an arrow pointing me in the right direction. The note usually resides on the back of the door, right next to my adorable KYICoatHookbathing beauty coat hook. But when I remove said outerwear to put it on the hook, in one smooth move, the note goes from the back of the door to the door frame, right at eye level height.

Yes, I do get some funny looks from those who pass through the portal, the COAT note catching the corner of their gaze. But I don’t really care if it seems crazy or a bit strange. I’ve created a micro ‘system’ – basically an easy habit – that solves a small but recurring problem. And hey, if it works for me… it WORKS!


What small tip or trick have you discovered works for you? Share it with us? It may be just the idea we need, too!