Angee Robertson is a woman just like you: creative, intelligent and focused on success. She’s constantly taking notes during meetings, and in quiet, stolen moments reflecting on her life.  In 2006, Angee became really frustrated at the lack of options available in journals that really met HER needs.

Now you can design the journal that suits you!

“Why weren’t there any really pretty journals that would also lay flat when opened so you could actually write in them?”

“Why were the functional journals always just so plain?”

“Why, once you find a journal you love, can’t you ever find one like it again?”.

She knew there must be a better way. So Angee set out on what would be a four-year journey to develop a way to provide journals that each woman could customize to their own taste. For her concept to work, every journal would have to be made to order, including the cover and inside lining. And to write?  A spiral-bound notebook would be slipped inside so that you’d be able to write, fill and replenish as often as you needed.

It has been a labor of love and a practice in patience, but with Sheic Journals,  Angee’s dream journals are now finally available to women everywhere to create they way THEY want to create them.

But this is only the beginning! Angee’s goal is to start a journaling movement. To do that, along with customizable Sheic Journals, she’ll be offering journaling workshops and retreats. And she’ll be offering more in the Sheic online store: from books about journaling to complementary items like pens and ‘journal marks’.

Great idea? We knew you’d like it. Now you can de-clutter your mind, hold onto those precious thoughts and ideas,  and do it all in a beautiful journal that expresses your Sheic personality.