Remember those old movies where the loyal servant walks before the Queen and shouts in a loud and oh-so-official voice: “Make way for the Queen”? Well, the Queen wasn’t just trying to keep the lowly subjects away from sullying her Royal Person, she was creating some much needed space to get her job done!

We all know that expression about not seeing the forest for the trees, and then there’s my favorite colloquial variation: “When you’re up to your you-know-what in alligators, it’s hard to remember that your original intention was to drain the swamp!” Don’t we all know that feeling!?! When we’re multi-tasking to the max, it can truly seem that there’s no room left to breathe.

Well, here’s my suggestion. Each one of us knows with much too familiarity that critical inner voice that chides us about doing more, doing it better…you know the drill. Well, I say it’s high time to introduce a new character into our internal Script. Welcome your own Inner Herald to the soundstage. Let him (or her) shout for you “Make Way for the Queen! anytime you’re feeling overwhelmed by the multiple requests, the should’s, the ought-to’s, the oh-no-I-forgot’s.

Claim some space, even if it’s just enough to catch your breath, and start over again. As my friend Mary would say, “You’re voting for yourself.” Or in this case, claiming your own Crown Jewel!