There comes a time in every woman’s life when she has to admit it. She needs a new picture! The questions start zooming around in our heads. What to wear? How should I look? Serious? Smiling? And, oh gosh, what if I don’t like them after their done?!?Now if that doesn’t strike fear into your heart, you’re a better woman than I am.

Well, you need to meet Oana Hogrefe. This amazing and multi-talented woman started her career as a physicist, but has been passionately working in the field of photography for 20 years. First shooting citiscapes and images of her world travels, but these days she focuses on capturing the uniqueness of life’s special events, as well as on creating lasting memories through portraits and family photography.

Oana will tell you, “I love to put my time and my artistic vision at work to provide my clients with images which speak to them. I like working with people, journalling their presence in time and space. Each person has something uniquely their own, something brilliant and timeless. This is what I try to witness and showcase in the images I create.”

What I can say is that Oana is the only photographer I’ve ever worked with who I felt captured the ‘real me’. It was as casual and natural a process as chatting with a good friend, which luckily for me, she has become. I loved every picture she took!

Oh, and did I tell you.  Every year she shoots her wonderful Childhood Calendar to benefit a worthy cause like Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta?

Those are just a few of the reasons it’s my great pleasure to introduce Oana to you. Now I hope you get the chance to meet.