I’m the first to admit I wasn’t a great Girl Scout. The appeal of the whole camping-overnight-in-a-tent thing kind of escaped me, but there are a couple of things from those days that I still carry a torch for. Thin Mints AND S’mores! Now THAT’s a reason for a campfire!

Well, on National S’mores Day, I say ‘thanks for the memories’ to the girls who shared the marshmallow and Hershey bars. And I salute one of my multi-tasking friends who’s creating a new experience from that time-honored tradition. Melody Biringer and her team from CRAVE are introducing Urban Campfire. It’s a new kind of business networking event where women will ‘gather round the campfire and seriously shake it up.’

The creative spark for Urban Campfire came from a deep need within myself,” said Melody, “because when I turned 50 last year, my fire went out. But then I had a flash of a big idea that I realized began with my story…when I was that little girl growing up on the strawberry farm…

it’s all about STORY SIZZLE. And Melody’s inviting women to gather and kick it up old school in our sandals and flip flops, getting real to build authentic connections through a camp-like celebration. She hopes that Urban Campfire will light a fire that will ultimately benefit businesses’ bottom lines.

I wish we were going to be in Seattle for the kick-off event on August 13th! If you’ll be in that part of the country, don’t miss it! Click here to find out more. And if you go, post pictures tagging Multi-TaskingWoman on Facebook or Tweet #multitasking! We want to see your shining faces there.

Oh… after you’ve had yours, be sure to have some more s’mores for us!!!

Thanks a million for the yummy image Jason Sheetz and Hammocks Trading Company in our hometown of Sandy Springs, GA! We LOVE your Make Your Own S’mores dessert!!!