When will things get back to normal?

It’s been a hectic, crazy year. Good with holidays, vacations and family visits and fun times. Not so much fun with medical procedures that have to be done again (because ‘this never happens’ but it did!); the unexpected passing of a dear aunt; a best friend’s teenage son undergoing chemo for a totally unanticipated malignancy. When, oh, when, I wonder, will things get back to normal.

“Normal?” my friend said as we were catching up over the last few weeks. “Normal? Remember, normal is just a setting on the dryer.” We both died laughing, but you know, she’s right. As much as I’d like to think that – someday – all will equalize into some picture perfect moment called normal when everything and everyone is just fine and dandy, I’ve come to realize that’s just a figment of my own very active imagination.

Normal, I’ve had to admit, isn’t some capture-it-in-a glass-and-keep-it-the-same-snapshot. Normal is just life. LIFE! Different every day, with all its goods and bads. Ups and downs. Times when ‘I LOVE IT! alternates right along with moments of ‘Won’t this ever end?’ Life is just, well, living. A process. Constantly changing, evolving, moving.

This is what another wise friend of mine once called a ‘BGO’ – a Blinding Glimpse of the Obvious. Hmmmm.  Let that sink in a bit.

Taking a deep breath now. Giving up on normal and practicing just being happy to be here right this very moment.