Twitter me this…

“Who wouldn’t want to go to a party in their PJ’s” Joyce asked me. And yes, I guess she’s right. That’s one reason I’ve become a fan of Twitter parties. Fun. Connection. Prizes. And all while you sit home in your bunny slippers.

Unknown-2The minute I posted about Joyce Brewer’s recent Twitter Party for for the CaraB products, my Facebook page lit up with questions. “A Twitter WHAT?” “What is that?” “I’ve never heard of one.” “Can I come, too?” Obviously I’m not the only one in the learning curve here, girls.

Twitter parties, it seems, are becoming ever more popular as online events hosted by brands or bloggers to build buzz, get your feedback on their product or service, and to connect like-minded users to each other. And the rewards can be great! Cash, prizes, gift cards for products. The sky can be the limit. All you need to do is participate at the specified time with the right #. Oh, and have a Twitter account, of course. (You do have one, right? If not, create one now. It’s free and easy.)

So thanks to Joyce, here’s a quick guide to Twitter parties. How to join. What to do. Step by easy step. Start looking around and you might find yourself partying all night long… at the comfort of you own keyboard.

Thanks for sharing Joyce. And thanks for inviting me!

Oh, and PS You can follow me on Twitter @multitasking