It was one of those mornings. I woke up before daylight, restless with too many things racing around in my head. By the time I fell back into a sound sleep – the alarm buzzed incessantly that it was time to rise and shine. Well, get up out of bed anyway.

After dropping my good-hearted 15 year old off at his volunteer job helping with Vacation Bible School this week, I headed home knowing I needed a walk to clear my head and get, well, you know, into the day. Pretty hot, but I thought I’d keep to the shade and carry a tall cool bottle of water with me.

These summer morning walks have become a kind of prayer time. Just me, the birds, and all the lawn guys, out early in our solitary pursuits. I try to ‘notice what I notice’ and find myself wishing I could speak ‘bird’. They sure do chatter away, and you know me, I’m dying to get in on the conversation!

Imagine my surprise when a glint caught my eye. I looked down to the curb and there sat – heads up – a shiny new penny! Minted 2011. I smiled because every time a coin finds it way into my path, I think of my mom. She’s the one who taught me that they’re ‘pennies from Heaven.’ And so, I knew she was telling me that this restless, needful day ahead of me was going to be just fine.

I’ll have to tell Harrison I found it. When he was little, I passed on the ‘pennies from heaven’ tradition Mom had taught us. Although he was only 3 then, the next time he found a penny lying in his path he said, “Look, Mom. Granny Fran sent us some money!” And we both laughed.

So Mom, although you’ve been gone for almost 25 years, I know you’re here. Still looking out for me, and still sending pennies – and nickels and dimes and quarters – from Heaven. I love you.