Have you ever had one of those months when time just slipped through your fingers before you knew it? Well, welcome to my month. LOL September was just like that for me. All good intentions, posts being written in my head, neat women to introduce you to, some fun and friendly ideas for Fall and ZAP! Never made it to the keyboard as life intervened.

For me, it was high school senior next steps to college apps, elderly parents, too many committee commitments… oh, and work thrown in on top of it all. What’s a multi-tasking woman to do? Well, in the words of the old song… ‘something’s gotta give.’

So for those of you who called, texted and emailed me, wondering where I’d gone, please accept my apologies, and thanks for accepting me as I am – flaws and all. I’d like to tell you it won’t happen again (ROFL) but hey, let’s be honest with each other. You and I both know that it may/might/probably will, at some point. But for right now…. I’m definitely back!

Let me hear from you….