Yes, it’s September. But as my friend Jane Bertch of La Cuisine Paris reminded me, in France they have another name for it. La Rentrée. The Re-entry. “It’s the month that everyone returns from their vacations,” Jane says. “Paris is bustling again!”

While I can’t say I’m actually ‘bustling’ on this Tuesday after a three-day weekend, I do feel the back-to-school-back-to-business hum of autumn. Thoughts of new notebooks with blank pages just waiting to be written on. Sharp pencils. Shelves full of binders, dividers, tabs, and all kinds of things promising a fresh new start.


I guess that’s why September always seems like a second New Year to me. It’s far more enjoyable than the actual, in fact, since I’m heading into it with some nice Summer time off having recharged my batteries – instead of the energy drain that usually seems to accompany January 1.

Thanks for the reminder, Jane. La Rentrée may have the kids going back to school, but it’s gotten me in the mood to try some newthings. Hmmm, I think I’ll start by making some of that Mousse d’Orange you shared!  Want to join me?



What does September mean to YOU? Any rituals you want to share?

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