Trust your friends to keep you honest. After admitting to my seemingly endless list of reasons for not blogging for months, I got this comment: “…but you left off all your politicking!!!!!”

Ah, yes. I knew there was something that slipped my mind. It was Election Season this fall, after all. And yes, I did a bit of ‘politicking’ as my well-versed media maven friend Tammy Williams Clabby noted.

I was raised by parents who voted in every election and believed in the privacy of the voting booth. Most of the time, they didn’t even tell each other who they had voted for! So why my sudden jumping into the fray, actively raising my voice and speaking my political convictions out loud? Maybe it’s the courage of age. Could be a new found civic commitment. But truthfully, I’ve learned that it’s not just enough to cast your vote, as important as that is. You have to be willing to stand behind what you believe, find the candidates that match as closely as possible (hey, no one is 100% perfect) and work as hard as you can to get them elected.

This year, my candidates lost. Am I disappointed? You bet I am! But am I sorry that I did all that ‘politicking’? Not a bit! Because I know that I did everything in my power to support them. It’s just one election, and I’m not stopping now.

2016, you can count on me!