Wikipedia says that: “Spider silk is a remarkably strong material. Its tensile strength is comparable to that of high-grade steel.” Well, I’m here to tell you that spiders have nothing on a group of women gathered together! Especially around a common purpose.

This week a dear friend underwent surgery for breast cancer. From the first moment the news went around, her network of friends started spinning a stronger-than-steel web of support for her. Prayers, meals, carpools, house cleaning. The Care Calendar is up (and if you don’t know about this amazing tool, check it out!) and the slots are filled. Old friends, new friends, work friends, school friends. Whatever she needs, for however long it takes. We will be there for her.

Tonight, I saw a new web being spun into existence. Another group of women. This time, from around the country, many meeting each other for the very first time. But in just minutes, bonds were being formed. Common ground identified. Needs expressed. Offers of help. Support. Sisterhood. I know from experience that although this is a brand new web, it will be just as strong – over distance and time – as the one holding my friend and her family post-surgery.

This is what we women do. What women have always done. And what every multi-tasking woman knows deep in her soul. No matter how hectic our lives, no matter our previous commitments, we are never too busy to care. To share. And to keep weaving the webs that make life worthwhile.

PSĀ  While there is no cost for using CareCalendar, they do accept donations! Make one to help keep it running. Believe me, it’s a small price to pay for such a life-saver.