Are we nuts? A group of my girlfriends and I are all got up and got together to watch the Royal Wedding.  At first, it was just Ellen and me. Then our friend Marsha graciously offered to host us at her house so we could laugh, comment, squeal and pretty much celebrate without having to take husbands and kids with early work/school schedules into account. But then, the party grew. We weren’t the only ones, it seems, willing to sacrifice soothing slumbers for a first glimpse of THE guests, THE dress, THE balcony kiss. There were lots of us out there. You, too?

What is it – really – that fascinates us about this wedding? Is it just ‘ordinary girl marries Prince Charming’? While hardly Cinderella, Kate IS just one of us (well, if you’re the daughter of self-made millionaires!) But I think it’s more than that. There must be something that makes a bunch of busy, multi-tasking women with families and businesses and oh-so-many other things to do, get up so early (or stay up so late) to watch a wedding an ocean away!?!

My curiosity had me asking the women I know WHY? and you know what they say? “We just want to see some GOOD NEWS these days!” and what better, happier story is there than a wedding of two gorgeous young people with their new life together spreading out in front of them.

So we were there… in front of our flat screen, champagne flutes in hand to raise a toast. Here’s to optimism, and to what we all seem to really need these days… a happy ending, or at least a good start on a ‘happily ever after.’