You know what a huge fan I am of Project Runway, but if truth be told, it’s mostly because of Tim Gunn. His guiding presence has always been the ‘glue’ for me, as I’ve watched season after season of Michael Kors wannabes concept, create and execute their interpretation of that week’s challenge.

What is it about Tim that I love? (Other than his lean and elegant personal style?) Yes, you guessed it. “Make it work.” There’s something about the way he looks, listens, offers restrained input and quietly poses just the right questions.  Then, as he departs through the workroom’s doors, he passes the bon mot over his shoulder.

His signature direction to the designers has become a mantra for me. I can hear his words running through my head when my schedule hits a snag, I find myself wondering what direction to go next, or am just puzzling over a particular problem. I know that somehow I’ll find a way to make it work.

A close companion is his weekly admonition to ‘Use the (insert seasonal sponsor name here) accessory wall thoughtfully.’ Equally wise guidance. How would our lives and our work change if we did everything ‘thoughtfully.’ Rather than operating in what’s often our default multi-tasking mode, what if we took a deep breath, stepped back and became more intentional – and yes, thoughtful – about the things we do, say and add to our lives?

Hmmmm. Now that’s something to think about. Thanks for sharing your wisdom, Tim. As designers of each of our own lives, believe me, we are listening.


Are you a Project Runway fan? What have you learned from Tim, Heidi and the show? Inquiring minds would love to know! Hope you’ll share…